How is it with you?

If you long for a fulfilling spiritual life, working with a spiritual director can help.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is time set aside to tend to your spiritual life. My definition of spirituality is simple: that which is greater than yourself that gives you meaning. My clients have found meaning in their vocation, the creative arts, the natural world, activism and religious and spiritual traditions.

A spiritual director is someone trained to listen deeply and be in conversation with you as a companion on your spiritual journey.

Through conversation, silence, prayer and other ways of opening your heart, spirit, and mind, a spiritual director helps you get in touch with your spiritual life.

My Practice

I seek to support anyone who desires spiritual grounding, healing and wholeness.

My approach is interfaith and non-directive. I believe each person is the expert on their own spirituality. I listen more than I speak. I bring to each session my own deep curiosity and a sense of wonder.

I help people:

  • Discern the direction their spirit is called at this time
  • Build fulfilling, grounded and regular spiritual practices for the journey
  • Build or deepen their connection with spirit / the divine / God
  • Find a sustainable balance between action and contemplation

While I seek to work with anyone on their spiritual path, I have specific experience working with:

  • Clergy, chaplains and seminarians
  • Healthcare workers
  • LGBTQ+ Folks

Sessions are usually monthly and one hour long. Here’s an FAQ for other questions you may have.

My practice is remote at this time.


As ordained clergy, a chaplain and a former seminarian, I know how difficult it is for you as clergy to find time to nurture and cultivate your own spiritual life. Your life is busy, and finding time for your own nourishment seems impossible.

Spiritual direction was a vital part of making my chaplaincy sustainable. Knowing that I had the space to unpack my doubt, my faith and my questions with a trusted spiritual director was life changing. I would love to talk about the ways I could be of support to your ministry at this time.

LGBTQ+ Spirituality

As a self-identified gay / queer man, I have been fortunate in my spiritual journey. I grew up in a denomination and church that let me grow into the queer man I am. Yet I know we are not all so lucky, and many of us have been deeply wounded by faith communities.

One of my passions in this work is supporting LGBTQ+ people as they seek to live fully into their beautiful lives. Sexuality and spirituality are intimately related, and as queer people I believe finding and nurturing this connection is our birthright.

Healthcare Workers

As a chaplain I spent five years working in hospital and hospice settings. I offered spiritual and emotional support for my colleagues in many disciplines, including home health aids, social workers, nurses, psychologists, physicians and administrative staff. I also know, first hand, the emotional toll of working in healthcare.

Now, more than ever, it is vital for healthcare professionals to be sustained for the journey. Spiritual direction can be a piece in that puzzle. I would be glad to talk with you about the ways spiritual direction can help support your work in the world.

About Me

My deep passion is supporting people on the journey as they seek healing and wholeness for themselves and others. In my work as a spiritual director, I am most excited about helping people build joyful, grounded, and sustainable spiritual lives. As a therapist, I work from a relational perspective to help clients improve their mental health in pursuit of healing and flourishing in their lives.

I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Maine and ordained clergy in the United Church of Christ. I have also practiced Zen meditation since 1999. I hold a certificate in interfaith spiritual direction from The Chaplaincy Institute, a Master of Divinity dgree from Pacific School of Religion, and a Master of Social Work degree from Smith College School for Social Work.

I am a white, settler, cisgender, queer male. I am committed to the ongoing work of decolonization and dismantling white supremacy. I seek to understand the ways racism and colonization cloud my spiritual life, spiritual direction and therapy practices, and my vocational call.

I currently spend my time between Bangor, Maine, in traditional Penobscot territory, and Oakland, California, in the ancestral and unceded territory of the Chochenyo speaking Ohlone people. While I love Anchor Steam beer (RIP) and The Smokehouse, you’ll always win me over with some clam chowder and an Allagash White.