About Me

I am ordained clergy in the United Church of Christ, and have practiced Zen meditation since 1999. I hold a certificate in interfaith spiritual direction from The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, California. I completed a Master of Divinity degree at Pacific School of Religion a Master of Social Work degree at Smith College School for Social Work.

My deep passion is supporting people on the journey as they seek healing and wholeness for themselves and others. In my work as a spiritual director, I am most excited about helping people build joyful, grounded, and sustainable spiritual lives.

I am a white, settler, cisgender, queer male. I am committed to the ongoing work of decolonization and dismantling white supremacy. I seek to understand the ways racism and colonization cloud my spiritual life and my vocational call.

I currently spend my time between Bangor, Maine, in traditional Penobscot territory, and Oakland, California, in the ancestral and unceded territory of the Chochenyo speaking Ohlone people. While I love Anchor Steam beer (RIP) and The Smokehouse, you’ll always win me over with some clam chowder and an Allagash White.