How often do we meet?

Clients usually meet with me once a month. Certain people, often clergy, seminarians, and other religious professionals may prefer to meet twice monthly.

What’s the difference between spiritual direction and therapy?

A spiritual director is a companion on the journey, helping to explore your spiritual life. In spiritual direction the focus always returns to your spirituality. While we may talk about therapy-adjacent topics such as relationships or traumatic experiences, we always return to tending to your spirit and to meaning-making. A therapist is a healthcare provider, most often working from a psychological perspective.

Are you going to try to convert me?

I practice from an interfaith and non-directive perspective. This means that I support people in their own spiritual lives and traditions. My role is to bring curiosity to how this experience may grow and be nurtured. You are the expert on your spiritual life, and I support the decisions you make. I will never attempt to recruit you to my spiritual communities.